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Design and production of floating pontoons, and mooring/anchoring systems, Vessel certification and registration, Design and production of superstructures, Transportation and installation of pontoons at a mooring place


Our products are ideal solution to create durable floating foundations for houseboats/floating houses, floating landing piers, marinas, wave attenuators/breakwaters or any other floating objects.


Styrofoam core makes our pontoons unsinkable. Reinforced concrete structure ensures long life span without maintenance. Higher weight of pontoon lowers the centre of gravity what makes it more stable.

We are able to deliver our pontoons anywhere in the world.

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Dopravný úrad Polski Rejestr Statków Československý Lloyd DNV GL

What makes harbour a safe place to stay? No waves. With our floating breakwaters you can make a safe harbour almost anywhere. Cost effective choice for deep water areas. Deep side walls create keels that even increase wave attenuation capacity.

With no doubts, rigidity and stability make our products best solution for public and private pontoons, where people feel safe like standing on the land.

We are able to build your marina from our modular pontoons like they would be kids blocks. It is that easy. Starting with project, through production, to fully equipped marina.

Parameter 100/24/11 120/24/11 150/24/11 120/30/12 150/30/12 120/42/12 150/42/12
length [m] 9,9 12 15 12 15 12 15
width [m] 2,4 2,4 2,4 3,0 3,0 4,2 4,2
height [m] 1,1 1,1 1,1 1,2 1,2 1,2 1,2
freeboard [m] 0,45 0,45 0,45 0,50 0,50 0,60 0,60
weight [t] 15 18 23 24 31 29 37
bonding strength [kN] 2x180 2x180 2x180 2x320 2x320 2x320

There is not even more stable floating foundation than concrete pontoon platform. Its higher weight lowers the center of gravity of the whole floating object, what makes it more comfortable for life on board.
Modules are parallely connected to create a platform, which can be assembled from two to five modules.

Parameter 100/24/12..15 120/24/12..15 132/24/12..15 120/30/12 120/30/15 150/30/15
length [m] 9,9 12 13,2 12 12 15
width [m] 2,4 2,4 2,4 3,0 3,0 3,0
height [m] 1,2/1,5 1,2/1,5 1,2/1,5 1,2 1,5 1,5
freeboard [m] 0,50/0,65 0,50/0,65 0,50/0,65 0,55 0,73 0,77
weight [t] 17/20 20/24 22/27 23,7 27,7 33
weight capacity [t] 6/9,5 7,2/11,5 9/14,4 11 17 23,4

Our pontoons can be fitted with wooden or rubber fenders, power pedestals with electricity, water taps even an internet connection. Various lighting solutions are possible.

Mooring edge of the pontoon is equipped with aluminum or stainless steel cleats and bollards. Non-slip concrete deck is a standard but also a wooden decking is available as an extra. Steel parts are either hot-dip galvanized or made of stainless steel.

Off standard we are able to built-in various technologies into the pontoon on demand, e.g. waste-water treatment tanks, grey-water tanks or fuel tanks, heat pump etc. Generally we cast-in anchoring elements to connect mooring/anchoring systems, railings, superstructure construction into the pontoon.

Pontoons can be moored or anchored using several systems. Choice of the system depends on hydrotechnical character of the site:

  • - Piles
  • - Dualdocker system
  • - Shore booms and cross mooring ropes
  • - Chains or sealfex hawsers connected to anchors on seabed

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„Carefully chosen materials and production technology make our pontoons more than eco-friendly.“




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